Will it hurt?

Hemo SCAN can measure hemoglobin through a small fingerprick, only one drop of blood (7µl) is required.


Under what conditions should the system operate?

To ensure proper functioning of your Hemo SCAN instrument, observe the following guidelines:

1. Operate the instrument only within the acceptable temperature range of 5 - 45°C (41 - 113°F).

2. Use the instrument only at a relative humidity of 10 - 90% RH.

3. In order to perform a measurement, place the instrument on a level surface or hold it in your hand. 


How many readings can be stored in the device?

Up to 500 readings can be stored in the meter's memory. If storage has exceeded the capacity, older readings need to be cleared before new entries can be added.


Is the procedure safe?

Hemo SCAN is safe and easy to use.


What is the measuring range?

5 - 25 g/dL (or 50 - 250 g/L)


How long does it take?

Drawing blood sample may take around 10 minutes, depending on the experience of the operator. The actual result reading takes approximately 5 seconds.



For more information:

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