A highly accessible handheld optical system for accurate quantitative determination of hemoglobin at the point of care in anti-coagulated venous or fingerstick capillary whole blood.
The Hemo SCAN meter is available for professional use. It’s compatible with both capillary and venous blood samples. The Hemo SCAN system takes five seconds to read and displays the data for real-time results. It can store up to 500 samples, and the USB port allows for easy data transfer and storage. 

Hemo SCAN has provided patients with a fast and simple alternative to quantitatively measure hemoglobin levels, dramatically reducing waiting time.


Simple. Rapid. Easy-to-Use.

Monitor hemoglobin levels at the point of care.



  • For in vitro diagnostic use. 

  • Do not use with serum or plasma. 

  • Fetal, newborn, or variant hemoglobin samples have not been evaluated with HemoSCAN.

  • As with all chemical reagents, contact with the skin should be avoided with the reactiveareas of the test strip. 

  • Handle blood specimens as potentially infectious samples and follow the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Atlanta, GA, for blood collection and handling (Document 20 CFR 1910.1030). 

  • If the patient is experiencing symptoms which are not consistent with the hemoglobin results obtained, AND you have eliminated common procedural errors (described in the Hemo SCAN User’s Guide) as the cause, follow your facility’s policies for treating the symptoms and confirm the blood hemoglobin results with another laboratory method.

  • Never make significant changes to the patient’s medication program or ignore physical symptoms without consulting a physician. 

  • Keep test strips and strip bottle away from children. The test strips and bottle cap may be choking hazards. 

  • Test strips are for single use only. Do not reuse. 

  • The Hemo SCAN device can be set to measure hemoglobin in units of g/dl or g/lor mmol/L. 

  • Please consult with your healthcare professional to ensure use of correct units and always refer to reference ranges or control ranges in the same units. 

  • Make sure the code chip number and the test strip bottle number match. 

  • Expired strips cannot be used in the test system. 

  • Check vial and package for expiration date. 

  • Do not bend, cut, or alter the test strips in any way. 

  • Do not ingest. 

  • The device operator (if not self-testing) should always wear gloves to perform the test.  



Hemo SCAN system uses a two-step mechanism to measure the level of hemoglobin in whole blood samples. The instrument reads the lot-specific characteristics of the test strips being used by means of a code chip. This information is then stored and therefore must be read only once per test strip container.


To run a test, a test strip is taken from the container and inserted into the instrument. Once inserted, an LED (light-emitting diode) illuminates the application area of the test strip from below. Before the sample is applied, the reflection behavior of the test strip is determined according to the light reflected upon the application area (base value).


The blood sample is then applied to the application area using a blood collector (micropipette). The colorimetric intensity is measured in the sample. (Surfactant acts on RED blood cells, non-enzyme reaction). The intensity of the RED color increases with the concentration of the substance being analyzed. Color intensity is measured by illuminating the application area once again using the LED, and the intensity of the reflected light is measured with a detector (reflectance photometer). The signal strength of the reflected light is measured against the previously measured base value and the lot-specific information of the code chip. The resulting value is then displayed and stored simultaneously in the memory.


*Device for export only, not for sale in the US

Watch this Youtube video to learn more about Hemo SCAN


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